Paymaya Payment Acquirer

Paymaya Payment Acquirer

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Paymaya Payment Acquirer

Geminate comes with a feature that introduce new 'Payment Acquirer' method named 'Paymaya'. it is only available for 'Philippines' country. you can configure 'Secret API' key and 'Public-Facing API' key. it is one of the payment acquirer like Paypal, PayUmoney, Stripe, etc. you can also set 'Merchant Name' as 'Paymaya Merchant Account Name'.

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Exciting Features

'Philippines' country based payment method.
"Merchant Name" is used to set the name of 'Paymaya Merchant Account Name'.
"Secret API Key" is used to set the secret key provided to that merchant account for making confidential connection.
"Public-Facing API Key" is used to set the public facing api key provided to that merchant account.
Localized payment method for philippines.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Invoicing > Configuration > Payment Acquirers

New Payment Acquirer : Paymaya

Configure 'Merchant Name' + 'Secure API Key' + 'Public Facing API Key'

Website > Shop

Tap on any product and add to cart.

Process Checkout

Select 'Paymaya' as a payment acquirer for 'Pay with'.

Fill up card details and complete your order.

On successful payment via paymaya payment gateway you will get payment confirmation message and return back to your ecommerce website.

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