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Sale Product Template Pricelist

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Sale Product Template Pricelist

Geminate comes with a unqiue feature for pricelist with containing product (template), so on the time of purchase if you are adding product and their related variants with multiple individual product lines then rule will get in effect based on total number of quantity for variants of same product (template).
Originally in standard odoo, it is affecting the rule on each individual product line instead of group of product variants belong to same product (template) inside one order or shopping cart.

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Exciting Features

Enables pricelist rule and their formula works on total qty of product variants of main product (template).
Compute price of multiple variants of single product (template) based on pricelist rule and formula.
Enables effect on group of product variants for main product (template) and also override calculation in case of individual product variant rule.
Smart, Faster and Easy to use on backend sale order and website shopping cart.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Open 'Pricelists' menu

Create new 'Pricelist' or modify existing 'Pricelist'.

Configure necessary details for new 'Pricelist'.

Configure minimum qty, select product with multiple variants.

Select Compute Price as 'Formula' and add discount for product.

Now create Quotation.

Pricelist select, add products with variants, quantity must be greater than minimum qty, check current price, click on 'COMPUTE PRICE' button.

Price changed with discount of 20%.

Go to Website.

Click on shop.

Open product with variants.

Add 3 qty of 1st variant and click on Add to Cart.

Add 3 qty of 2nd variant and click on Add to Cart.

Discount price will be apply on both product.

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