Sales Create Purchase Order & Manufacturing Order

Sales Create Purchase Order & Manufacturing Order

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Sales Create Purchase Order & Manufacturing Order

Geminate comes with a feature to create 'Purchase Order' and 'Manufacturing Order' from sale order manually on your demand. initially it will check for existing purchase or manufacturing order already created using procurement routes. if they exists then it will update them else it will create new one.

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Exciting Features

Create purchase order and manufacturing order from sale order on demand.
Check existing purchase orders or manufacturing created from procurement routes.
Updates existing one if it exists OR creates a new one.
Easy access of related purchase orders and manufacturing orders from sale order with help of magic buttons.
Allows to update quantities, unit price and taxes based on vendor specific purchase order in case you want to order more products.
Allows to update quantities for manufacturing order in case you want to manufacture more products.
Easy to use and create whenever you need.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Go to Sales -> Orders -> Quotations.

Created sales order.

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