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Web Splitview

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Web Splitview

Geminate comes with a feature to introduce a new view in odoo called splitview. Splitview helps to perform multiple tasks on the same page. it is capable of combining multiple views into one screen for easy mapping, comparing data without back and forth of different screens. It is powerful view which provides resizable and draggable views. basically it supports listview, kanbanview, formview, activityview and pivotview.

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Exciting Features

Helps to perform multiple task in same page.
Easy to dragviews from one end to another and adjust according to as per your need.
You can resize views and adjust according as per your need.
Save your last state of splitview and gives exact same record, position, layout where you left at last.
Auto save your customized views under splitview.
Load views on one page without refresh unlike dashboard.
Faster your analytical work and data reviewing process.
Easy, quick and more user friendly.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Add below line of code in your module to enable splitview as you add for another views such as form, list, kanban and register it in window action of that object / model.


It is default Splitview.

Go to Your Module -> Favorites -> Add to my splitview.

If the view is already added in split view then it will raise an error.

If Graphview and Calenderview are trying to add on split view then it will raise an error.

Record load from Kanbanview and Listview.

You can resize views and adjust according to your need.

You can minimize views according to your need.

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