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Web Star Rating

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Web Star Rating

Geminate comes with a feature of a widget of star rating which can be applied on float or char type of fields with multiple options to style and design the ratings with nice user interface and layout like number of range, width , blank color, fill color, spacing and RTL for it.

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Exciting Features

Supports rating widget for float and char field type.
Easy to customize look and feel of rating widget with various options like add star name, width, color, spacing and also RTL.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS

  • Configuration

    You can add the widget as shown in the below example:
    < field name="star" widget="geminate_rating" num_stars="5" star_width="50px" blank_color="#a3a19d" fill_color="#ff2200" spacing="30px" RTL="True"/>
    As per your need, option values can be changed in :-
    1. "num_stars"
    2. "star_width"
    3. "blank_color"
    4. "fill_color"
    5. "spacing"
    6. "RTL"
    7. "readonly"

    As you can see in the following image this time num of star is 5, star width is 40px, space between two star is 30px and the blank color is "#a3a19d".
    Now we can add number, width, space, rtl and fill the color in the star.
    1. num_stars = 10px
    2. star_width = 50px
    3. fill_color = #ff2200
    4. spacing = 40px
    5. RTL = True
    6. readonly = True

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