Web Text Emoji Widget

Web Text Emoji Widget

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Web Text Emoji Widget

Geminate comes with a feature that introduce 'Emoji' widget on char and text field. emojis make the task less daunting and more entertaining for both the reader and the writer. you can use this widget on any character and text field. on 'Char' field you have to use 'emoji_char' widget and on 'Text' field you have to use 'emoji_text' widget. by using unicode representation, you can also fetch emojis.

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Exciting Features

Set widget and get emojis panel on Char and Text fields.
Fetch emojis using symbols and text represetation.
Hover on emojis and check unicode representation.
Type unicode for particular emoji and give space to fetch emoji.
Fun while you work and express your emotions easily with your data.
Smart, Faster and Easy to use from anywhere, anytime.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Char field without widget.

Add widget="emoji_char" in any Character field.

Emoji icon visible for character field.

Give emotions and icons to your text.

For text field add widget="emoji_text".

Use emojis in your text field by just giving widget.

Hover on any emoji and get unicode representation for particular emoji.

Write valid unicode and get give space to get particular emoji.

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