Website Helpdesk Kanbanview

Website Helpdesk Kanbanview

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Website Helpdesk Kanbanview

Geminate comes with a feature that introduce Kanbanview for website helpdesk. you can configure particular set of helpdesk ticket per page in kanbanview. it will helps to divide tickets in different stages in website. you can search the ticket based upon ID, Priority, Ticket Type, Tags and many more in kanbanview.

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Exciting Features

Helps to look kanbanview in website helpdesk.
Divide tickets based upon the different stages.
Search tickets based upon ID, Priority, Ticket Type, Tags and many more.
Set the limit of tickets per page in website settings.
Easy to use, more user friendly with nice interface design.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Setting > Website > Helpdesk Tickets > Conifgure the number of ticker per page in kanbanview.

Website > My Account

Tickets : 7

Per page 4 Tickets which is configured in website settings.

Kanbanview with different stages + Button for Listview and Kanbanview.

Search tickets with ID, Priority, Ticket Type, Tags and many more.

Here, we are searching tickets with 3 star priority

Scheduled Activity in kanbanview.

Website > Help

Submit question or issue by 'Send' button.

Newly added ticket in kanbanview.

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