Website Livechat Leads

Website Livechat Leads

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Website Livechat Leads

Geminate comes with a feature for website visitors / public users to fill out forms for submitting any queries or issues and on submission those information will generate leads in CRM. it will help easily to identify issues or queries for the administrator. on clicking the 'Send' button it will display an user friendly waiting screen with timer and animation. it will redirect the website visitor / public users to live chat after filling out the form with accurate details and auto assign 'Salesperson' and 'Sales Team' from the configuration on generated leads for future followup.

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Exciting Features

Easily send queries or issues to 'Administrator' with the help of Livechat form.
New lead created for every single issues or queries.
Waiting screen with timer and user friendly animation.
New customer created if customer does not exists with entered email address.
'Salesperson' and 'Sales team' auto assign from website configuration.
Easy to setup, use and very quick.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


Go to Live Chat -> Website Live Chat Channels

Configure Waiting timer for waiting screen.

Click on Go to Website button.

Click on 'Unpublished' button if channel is not published.

Now It is published on Website!

Go to Setting -> Website -> Features -> Live Chat -> Channel.

Go to Settings -> Website -> Communication -> Contact Form.

Public User View

Live Chat button is visible for public user! Click on Live Chat button.

On click of button form will open for submit query and issues!

Click on send button after filling form. Response will be saved as CRM lead.

Waiting screen after click on send button!.

Now you can start chat!

Go to CRM -> Pipeline -> New lead created!

Customer created of same name as Live Chat! Salesperson and Sales Team set from Setting!

Medium and source set automatically.

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