Workorder (s) Mass Production

Workorder (s) Mass Production

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Work Order(s) Mass Production

This module features to produce multiple work order(s) on a single click regardless of different manufacturing order(s).

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Exciting Features

WO mass production process upto 'Finished' stage including routing and non-routing scenarios.
Raise a warning if selected WO(s) are 'Finished' already.
Supports routing and non routing.
Speed up your manufacturing process will bulk of production.
Quick and easy.

Note: Extensively Tested on Odoo Vanilla with Ubuntu OS


  • WO mass production wizard.
  • On click of 'Produce' button, all selected WO(s) will finish their production and move to 'Finished' stage.
  • After completion of wizard process, you can visualize, all WO(s) are finished.
  • Raise a warning if selected WO(s) are 'Finished' already.
  • In single work order, we can also finish production and move to 'Finished' stage.
  • If order in 'Block' or 'Pause' stage, we can 'Unblock' or 'Continue' and move to 'Finished' stage on just button click.
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